Lakeside Motel demolition to be rescheduled

June 15, 2018, was the target date for our 6 donors who have paid to be trained, and to actually work the machinery in the demolition of the Lakeside Motel. Because we have to wait for certain permits, we need to postpone the date until after the 15th of June, most likely to one day in July.

This delay will actually be better because we will be able to do the entire motel and annex motel house demolition on that later date.

This delay also gives other people interested in being a part of the demolition more time to get involved and get trained for it.  With a donation of $700, you too can drive, crush, crash, and smash a real building with a real demo vehicle. It’d be a great gift!  Contact us at if you are interested.

We will keep you posted here on the Latest Updates about the exact date of the complete demolition after we have all of the necessary permits and pre-work accomplished.  Be sure to subscribe at to have the update sent directly to your email.

We are very much looking forward to this event!

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