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A “burn and learn” will take place at the Lakeside Motel property, helping to clear it to make way for the Woodland YMCA.

The Woodland Community Swimming Pool Committee (WCSPC) announced an agreement with the Clark County Fire & Rescue Fire Department (CCF&R), which will use the house and motel rooms on the site for training exercises. CCF&R will be joined by the Cowlitz County Fire District #1 in this training exercise. The fire departments will burn the facilities by the end of the year, likely late in October or November.

The burning will clean up the site and reduce costs for hauling away material, and it will be an important exercise for the fire departments.

The public will be invited to watch this burn event, and to attend the final demolition ceremony of the facility’s brick walls after the burning has been completed. This will likely be scheduled before the end of this year.

Demolition of the motel on the 2.8-acre site began last May, which was well attended by members of the Woodland community.

On Aug. 21, the Minority Abatement Contractors completed their task at the Lakeside Motel house and all the motel rooms, according to the regulatory requirements for the safe handling and disposal of Class I and Class II asbestos containing products.

The fundraising campaign for the Woodland YMCA project continues with the goal of raising enough funds to break ground in 2019 and start construction in 2020.

If you are interested in this project, please go to to sign up for email updates or learn how to get involved.

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